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A Successful Bid for the Champion's Trophy

Patrick Morgan doesn’t like stages. He’d rather be " ... down with the people." And when he enrolled in the Reppert Auction School in Indianapolis more than 20 years ago, the head of the school at the time told him he would never be an auctioneer. This, in spite of the fact that Morgan’s grandfather, Paul Z. Martin, Sr., had been an instructor at the Reppert school. Then, when he graduated from the school and got his auctioneering license, he was told, many times, that he was never going to make it in the business. Something in the voice, the delivery, the look. He just didn’t have it.

Well, last Wednesday night, Jan. 8, at the Pennsylvania Farm Show, Patrick Morgan took the stage, and the microphone, and proved that he was indeed a born-and-bred fourth-generation auctioneer who could win the 36th annual Pennsylvania Bid-Calling Contest, sponsored by the Pennsylvania Auctioneers Association. Read More

Bugs Bunny

Patrick and Roger get to show case their talents every year at Barrett-Jackson “The Worlds greatest Collector car Auction” held in Scottsdale, Arizona. Pictured is Roger with “Bugs Bunny “ which he sold for $45,000, earlier in the day he sold Bug’s friend” Daffy Duck “(not shown) for $17,000.

Collector Car Auctionbugs bunny